Hera is a  turquoise sinamay oval saucer shaped hat, trimmed with curled peacock swords with purple stems.  Two bold colours which combine just beautifully together

Perfect when you want something to stand out. Perhaps pair it with a simple block colour dress for maximum impact.

Hera is the first hat I haven’t named after a physical location, though the Liberty store in London has got a lot to do with it! It’s one of the places I love to visit in London for the architecture, the aesthetic, and of course the fabric department. My favourite fabric design is the Liberty Peacock print,  Hera.   In Greek mythology Hera is the queen of the gods, and frequently depicted with a peacock.   Hence the name was easy!

The hat is made from a turquoise sinamay blocked in three layers over a base. A wire is added around the edge, to stablise and strengthen the base.   The peacock swords are individually curled, then grouped into small clusters before sewing onto the base

Hera is a large brim hat!

Its maximum  brim width is 50 cm from left to right, and 40cm from back to front, and the peacock feathers extend to 20cm above the head As the base isn’t a full ‘crown’ it fits all sizes, and is secured to the head with a headband.

This can be made in other colours, please contact me to discuss and allow 4 weeks from order for delivery.


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