Portfolio – Cambridge


A freeform sculptural sinamay hat with elegant curves. Perfect when you want something just a little bit different, to stand out from the crowd.  This was originally comissioned for a local wedding shop.

Not for the shy and retiring!

The hat is made from a poppy red and French navy sinamay strips, which are sculpted into curves, before adding a wire to stabilise the shape before pinning and sewing into shape.  That’s an awful lot of handsewing.

It is mounted on a sinamay base, and secured to the head with a headband.  

The initial stages of creation involve a lot of steam.  I like to think that is why milliners have very good skin from all the facial saunas.  Mine definitely improved after making two of this style of hat in quick succession.

This can be made in other colours, please contact me to discuss and allow 4 weeks from order for delivery.

Cambridge is named after my closest city. It has amazing architecture, but one of the places which stands out in my mind most is ‘Kettle’s Yard Museum’ with its strong and simple lines and shapes. This hat echoes the curve in the pebble spiral.