Portfolio – Barcelona


A freeform sculptural hat with elegant curves. Perfect when you want something just a little bit different, to stand out from the crowd.  This was originally made as a display piece for the Sudbury Silk Festival and was on display in Vanners Silk Mill.

Not for the shy and retiring!

The hat is made from rainbow coloured silk, woven by Vanners in Sudbury in Suffolk UK.  A buckram swirl is made, with the edges stabilised with millinery wire, before the silk is added, and finally a bias strip of the same silk is added around the edge.   This hat really tested my ingenuity – there were several iterations before I was finally able to create what was in my minds eye.

It is mounted on a headband, covered in the same silk.   

Barcelona is unique – the fabric used was a ‘one off’ sample, and thus you won’t meet anyone else wearing anything similar. If you are inspired by the shapes and colours of Barcelona, please do get in touch with me, and we can create something to suit you.

Barcelona is named after the city in Spain, where I was fortunate to spend some time on business. You cannot avoid the colours and shapes of Gaudi’s architecture, so I felt something bold and colourful would be appropriate to commemorate it.  Plus the hotel I was staying in had an amazing staircase!